Mysterious Monday – Bimini Road or Wall

On September 2, 1968, while diving in three fathoms (5.5 metres or 18 feet) of water off the northwest coast of North Bimini island, Joseph Manson Valentine, Jacques Mayol and Robert Angove encountered an extensive “pavement” of what later was found to be noticeably rounded stones of varying size and thickness. This stone pavement was found to form a northeast-southwest linear feature, which is most commonly known as either the “Bimini Road” or “Bimini Wall”. After Valentine, the Bimini Road has been visited and examined by geologists, avocational archaeologists, professional archaeologists, anthropologists, marine engineers, innumerable divers, and many other people. In addition to the Bimini Road, investigators have found two additional “pavement-like” linear features that lie parallel to and shoreward of the Bimini Wall.

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