Mysterious Monday – Alaskan Triangle

“Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle” is said to encompass a large, sprawling section of the state, all the way from the south eastern region near Juneau and Yakutat, and all the way up north to the Barrow mountain range, and to Anchorage in the middle of the state. Within this zone are vast areas of largely unexplored wilderness, including sprawling forests, craggy mountain peaks, and desolate, barren tundra. The region sports an unusually high number of people, both tourists and locals, who go missing every year without a trace as if they have vanished off the face of the earth, and additionally many planes have also disappeared or inexplicably crashed here. It is said that since 1988, a staggering 16,000 thousand people have vanished in the so-called “Alaska Triangle,” to never be heard from again.

What is going on in this remote, unexplored wilderness that causes so many people to disappear without a trace? That largely depends on who you ask, and ideas run the gamut from the plausible to the fringe. The area has long been associated with evil spirits in the lore of the native Tlingit people of the region, with one notorious entity being Kushtaka, a shape shifting demon that is said to look like a cross between man and otter, and is said to lure hapless people to their doom, in particular those who are lost.

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