Mysterious Monday – Sunshine 60

Sunshine 60 – Japan

Sunshine 60 60 is a 60-story, mixed-use skyscraper located in Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, adjoining the Sunshine City complex. At the time of its completion in 1978, the 239.7 m (786 ft) building was the tallest in Asia, a title it held until 1985 when it was surpassed by the 63 Building in Seoul. Sunshine 60 was also the tallest building in Tokyo and Japan until the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was completed in 1991.

Sunshine 60 was erected over the site of the destroyed Sugamo Prison, famously used to hold senior Japanese war criminals during the occupation. On December 23, 1948, seven high-ranking, convicted war criminals (including former Prime MinisterHideki Tojo) were hanged at the prison. It was also the site of the hanging of Soviet spy Richard Sorge during the war. In popular modern lore, the area is rumored to be haunted.

From the day the doors were opened for business people began complaining about peculiar visions, sounds, and even physical encounters with invisible entities. Night maintenance workers reported seeing dark shadows moving about. They heard strange laughter, groans, screams, and banging. There were sounds of things scraping across the floors and violent rattling of the steel grates used to close the many shops for the night.

Customers complained of disembodied faces peering at them in dressing rooms and restrooms. They told of sudden unexplained gusts of frigid cold, or tripping over things that were not there. Shoppers told of feeling pushed or tapped, or hearing whispers in their ears. Items flew off store shelves. Store clerks would open shops in the morning to find everything in disarray. Sunshine 60 quickly earned the reputation of being among the most haunted places in Japan.

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