Yep it’s that day again!

A man walks into a bar on a Wednesday afternoon…

The bar is empty and the bartender is busy in the back washing glasses, so the man calls out, “Hey bartender, could I get a beer please?”

The bartender pours him a beer from the tap and sets a bowl of nuts in front of him, then returns to the back to continue cleaning.

The Man is sitting there drinking his beer and eating the nuts when he hears, “Nice hat!”

He looks about, confused, and then returns to his beer and nuts.

A minute later he hears, “Nice shirt!”

Again he scans the bar, certain of what he heard, but unsure of where it came from.

One minute later he hears, “Nice boots!” And this time he realizes that the sound is coming from the bowl of nuts. He calls the bartender over and asks, “Hey bartender. What kind of nuts are you serving here?”

And the bartender responds, “Oh, those are complimentary nuts.”